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I have received the photos and thank you, I do have some feedback for you. I am extremely happy with the results. The men that came to my home were extremely professional and respectful. If not for the noise from machine itself, i wouldn’t have even known they were here. I also appreciate the fact they brought something for my dog and put up with his barking several times during the course of the day. My dog tends to be a little nervous and they were extremely understanding. I do have one question. When should i schedule the 6 month service? Thank you again! 


Robin Foley

I want to thank the HiTech Environmental technicians for the extraordinary duct, dryer and bathroom vents cleaning you did in my home.
This is the first time i have had the duct systems cleaned since i moved in 21 years ago. After the duct cleaning, i noticed a significant decrease in respiratory congestion – immediate 99% improvement. I Highly recommend HiTech Environental for any home owner especially if you have pets, kids, allergies, respiratory issues or just want to breath clean air. 

Brenda Cole

Let me be the first to say that I was completely unaware of how dusty and dirty an air vent could get. I have seen Morey from Hitech Environmental put a lot of effort (at no cost whatsoever) to show you how dirty your air vents could be. Not only does he show you through a video camera that snakes through your ventilation, he also saves that video for you to review on a computer or DVD viewer!! Did I mention that part is free? If you haven’t had your air or dryer vents cleaned out recently or at all, I highly recommend you call Morey Moor at Hitech to come down and do an inspection to see if you need (and most likely you will) your vents cleaned. Not only will it benefit you healthwise (espically if you are allergy/asthma prone) but also on a safety level… Think of how many house fires that started from the dryer vents could have been prevented if the owners of those houses had them routinely cleaned? If that doesn’t give you a sense of urgency to call.. I don’t know what will.

Christopher Treadwell

My family and ! were BEYOND happy with our air ducts, dryer, and bathroom ventilation cleaning. After moving to our home both my husband and i became ill during the winters and after doing some research, going to multiple acupuncturists, and many doctor visits, we traced a lot of it back to the heating system in our home which is forced air. Morey -first came to our home to give us the initial consultation and showed us what was inside of our vents … To say what we saw was appalling is understatement. l have to say too that Morey is an absolute joy to work with and takes tremendous pride in his company and he deserves to because Hitech Environmental is amazing. We scheduled our appointment for our air ducts, our dryer, and our bathroom ventilation to all be cleaned out. An employee came and spent literally all day and evening working non-stop. The employee was so kind, sociable and did an AMAZING job. The ducts probably hadn’t been cleaned for multiple decades so I know for a fact he worked his hardest. After the job was done you could tell already how much lighter the air was and over the next week l have experienced less health issues and. no symptoms from my husband either. i just received the pictures of my ducts prior and after the cleaning and its astonishing! The house smells amazing, the heating system Is actually a lot quieter in my opinion I live in a a very old home and it was REALLY loud every time it kicked on, and I feel greet! I seriously could not recommend this company more and I will be telling everyone to use them. It is rare to come across a company that good, kind, people that work very hard end take pride in their work, but Hitech is one of those companies. Without a doubt, use these guys. I am so beyond grateful for the amazing work they did for us! Thank you so much!

Bianca Mastrototaro

I am very impressed with the duct cleaning service. They were able to provide pictures showing you the before and after, very professional and just nice people. My house also smells amazingly clean! Highly recommend!

Kobe Blanchette

They cleaned our bathroom fan and dryer exhaust which is working fine now after having all of the blocked dust and lint cleaned. They also did a great clean up when they finished, so much so that our house cleaner asked who came in before her and cleaned the bathroom. Great job and a very good price for their work.

Bill Augustynski

When you came out on 9/27/17 to clean our mobile home vents and discovered the duct board insulation could not be completed. We were very pleased you gave us your honest opinion of the duct work. We thought you both were extremely professional and organized. Please accept this check for your time and the services you could provide us . Also, thank you for the referral to Patrick at Meacham HVAC. Unfortunately when we spoke to him he informed us his company no longer works on mobile homes anymore. Again, thank you. If you are ever in the area, drop some business cards at our house we will recommend you to our friends and neighbors.

Lisa and Dave Erick

It was a pleasure working with Hitech Environmental. They were very conscious of protecting the surrounding areas from dust and debris. They did a wonderful job on all the air ducts for three of my buildings. Feedback from my fellow team members was very positive: “The air is cleaner, fresher, I’m not sneezing anymore, no headaches, and the air ducts are producing stronger air flow.” Thank you Hitech Environmental! A job well done!

Ben C.

My allergies and asthma always seemed to get worse at work. Once Hitech Environmental came in to clean all of the air ducts in the building, I am no longer sneezing all day and I have not had to use my inhaler at all during work. This made a significant difference in my work day. I would highly recommend them!

Jackie G.

Thank you for cleaning our ducts. The young men who performed the service were very polite, neat, and clean. They did a professional job. It was a pleasure to have them working in our apartment. Once again, thank you for all you have done for us.

Pat and Alan W.

Everything was as you promised and your two workers were the BEST to ever enter my house! They did a fantastic and thorough job and were so pleasant and respectful. You have a couple of gems!

Peggy B.

Josh arrived exactly on time. He was helpful and answered all my questions with patience. Thank you for the gift bag! That is an unusual very nice surprise.

Pat Diamond

Thank you, Morey! Josh did an excellent job cleaning out my dryer vent, attaching the new hose and installing my new dryer. He was super nice and took the time to talk with me about the cause of the water/lint accumulation issue. He arrived on time (I was late), was careful when opening the doors to ensure my dog didn’t get out, left no trace behind and was courteous. I couldn’t be happier with Josh and Hitech! And, thank you for the gift bag. What a nice surprise!

Cathie Manning

An amazing service, Professional, kind and attentive; very reasonably priced. My house smells amazing and the company provided high quality service.

Alena Adams

I honestly can’t say enough good things about Hltech Environmental. Morey and Josh just left and i couldn’t wait to write this review (which I don’t often do, by the way). lt started with the estimate last week• Morey checked everything cut and told me exactly what they were going to do and possibly what could done once they looked up in the ceiling, gave me a very fair estimate (better than most that gave me without even seeing the place) and we picked s date for them to come out. He called to confirm the day before, showed up on time, right to work and on that note, i can’t remember the last time ! saw two guys work so hard! Without one complaint. They leave no stone un turned• every nook and cranny checked. They cleaned (completely) all three bathroom vents, fans and ducts (even got up high on the outside to clear the exit). They cleaned (and partially replaced) the very long dryer duct and showed me exactly how the line runs and every inch of what was in there- so disgusting. I can’t even explain! Piles if lint. Two sections completely clogged. Showed me before and after pictures of everything they touched thoroughly. So polite, so professional, so knowledgeable. I would recommend calling Hitech to anyone that needs this done, and if you think you don’t, think again! Most people don’t take this problem seriously enough. It’s such a hazard and it all it takes is a visit from guys like Hitech to make you feel safe again. I highly recommend giving them a call!

Caroline Begreen

I had Hitech Environmental come to my house to clean my dryer vent and bathroom exhaust fans. Morey Moor is amazing. He and his employee took care to fully clean everything. First they did a scope of my dryer vent with a camera, they snaked the camera thru my dryer hose to find 2 areas where clogs were forming and then a larger clog that truly was not allowing air to move past it. My dryer was always hot to touch and did I mention my dryer is only 9 months old. When they came in to clean the dryer (took apart the dryer vent and cleaned out the inside between the drum and the outer casing of the dryer as well as the vent at the back of the dryer) I was amazed at how much lint had gathered there in 9 months. They also found that I had the wrong type of flexible venting as it was getting too hot and it runs inside the insulation in my basement. When they pulled down the insulation, the paper backing was scorched and full of lint as my vent had holes in it. All of this was a potential fire hazard. So glad I had Morey and Hitech check out my vents. And a side benefit, they left my house cleaner than it was before they got there. I don’t have central air or heating air ducts but boy if I did, I would have had him clean it too. Morey always says, “Breathe Better, Live Better”

Lisa Brown

This is a statement I’d like to make about Hitech Environmental. I had them clean over 40 dryer vents and ducts in the condominium complex I oversee in Harbor, Maine. Not only did they clean the dryer vents, I asked them to clean the chimneys as well. I found Hitech Environmental to be very professional, very clean, very methodical in the work they do, and would definitely use them again. I am glad to give their name out to anyone I come in contact with. Thank you very much Hitech Environmental and I will definitely use your company again in the future to clean the dryer vents and ducts in my condominium, complex.

John B.

I can’t say enough about the professionalism of your crew and the careful attention to detail that was exhibited during the course of the project. It was the first time in 8 years that the air ducts were cleaned and the results were immediately evident. Several employees actually thanked me for the job Hitech Environmental did. They reported that their eyes no longer burned and that they were not feeling as though they were suffering from allergies while at work. You not only met our expectations but exceeded them.

Anna B.

Our firm wanted to thank you for the remarkable work you did at our office cleaning out the multi-levels of duct work. We have been at our current location for a little over three years and I can honestly say the air quality in the office has never been better. It is noticeably clean, crisp and easier to breathe. There was no intrusion on our daily schedule and your ability to work around our availability and needs was greatly appreciated.

Jennifer G.

I write this letter in recommendation of Hitech Environmental for duct cleaning services. I had the pleasure of working with Hitech Environmental on my own house and I immediately referred him to two of my direct clients. I can recommend them highly without reservation. Throughout the course of the duct cleaning service, Hitech Environmental’s crew were consummate professionals. They were clean, accurate, and went above and beyond my expectations.

John M.

I had Hitech Environmental come to my house to clean my dryer and bathroom exhaust fans. Hitech Environmental is amazing. They snaked the camera through my dryer host to find 2 areas where clogs were forming and then a larger clog that truly was not allowing air to move past it. When they came in to clean the dryer, I was amazed at how much lint had gathered there in nine months.

Lisa B.

The cleaned our bathroom fan and dryer exhaust which is working fine now after having all of the dust and lint cleaned. They also did a great clean up when they finished, so much so that our house cleaner asked who came in before her and cleaned the bathroom. Great job and very good price for their work

Bill A.

Breathe better. Live better.

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